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ACEA Update 2022 - New E8 and E11 Categories


Today, we would like to take the opportunity to inform you about the update for the ACEA specifications.

The European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA) represents the 16 largest European private car, commercial vehicle, van, HGV and bus manufacturers such as, for example, BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Honda or Renault.

ACEA is responsible for developing the various ACEA specifications, which thereby define the requirements for engine oils for the aforementioned vehicle classes. ACEA regularly reviews and revises its specifications and adapts them to the requirements, that are placed on modern engine oils, in order to fulfil the constantly increasing demands which the latest engine generations are faced with.



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In addition to other minor amendments which have been implemented, the latest update includes the following fundamental innovations:


•       The following 2 categories have been introduced in order to take into account the increased requirements of modern HGV engines:

•       ACEA E8 will now replace ACEA E6 (sulphated ash content still a maximum of 1% as before)

•       ACEA E11 will now replace ACEA E9 (sulphated ash content still a maximum of 1% as before)

•       New oxidation test (Volvo T-13) for the new ACEA E8 and E11 specifications (limit values will be analogous to API CK-4)

•       New aeration test (COAT) for the new ACEA E8 and E11 specifications (limit values will be analogous to API CK-4)

•       Additional small adjustments:

•       Soot-in-oil test limits have been slightly tightened up, for all E categories.

•       New piston cleanliness tests

•       Wear requirements now increased for ACEA E8 compared to E6

•       Piston cleanliness standard increased for ACEA E8/E11 compared to E6/E9

•       There are still no low-HTHS specifications in place (below 3.5 mPa*s) for the HGV sector


The new ACEA E8 and E11 categories may be awarded since 01.05.2022. After the transition period (until 01.05.2023), new awards for HGV engine oils may only be assumed according to the current ACEA 2022.


Additional information about the ACEA requirements can be found on the ACEA homepage: https://www.acea.auto/ or https://www.acea.auto/publication/acea-oil-sequences-2022/ .