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Metalworking fluids

High temperatures, pressure and friction, sensitive surfaces and heavy-duty tools: Basic oils alone cannot meet the required specifications for metal processing, so there is a need for suitable additives. Nevertheless, these additives must be applied in a volume that is as low as possible because of their cost and potential environmental and health hazards, but still remain as high as necessary to ensure their safe application. The question is, how can the correct dosage be determined and applied? This is exactly where our work begins: On the basis of the comprehensive HIGHTEC standard program and various high-alloyed additives, we, as a well established lubricant manufacturer, provide forming lubricants optimised for your specific application. Such solutions based on direct customer interaction have been part of our philosophy since our foundation. For ROWE, flexibility is a top priority: we can also develop, manufacture and deliver custom-made products in large quantities at short notice.
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