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Classic oils

Timeless elegance, unfading charm, legendary design - those who talk about new and classic cars will certainly fall under their spell. Cars of the past radiate pure fascination and of course one would like to treat these precious vehicles with appropriate care. Our HIGHTEC Classic oils offer the best protection for your beloved old timer. Spare parts for old vehicles are sometimes difficult to obtain and therefore repairs are often expensive. With the engine and transmission fluids specifically designed for historic vehicles, you can ensure the best possible protection of these components against wear and tear and thus prevent extensive repairs. To ensure the best possible degree of protection, we paid great attention to the materials used in historic vehicles and to the special requirements when developing HIGHTEC Classic oils. Because of the increased demands on the most recent engine technologies, modern engine oils are not suitable for classic vehicles. Applying these modern oils in classic combustion engines can have devastating effects. To ensure that the treasured, well-maintained and valuable classics can be lubricated safely, ROWE has developed a comprehensive VINTAGE range of products for your new and classic cars to suit the special standards of classic cars.
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