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Brake Fluids

Since the brake fluid is probably one of the most important fluids in your car, it requires the highest attention. Safety and care are always the top priority for our HIGHTEC brake fluids. The combination of viscosity and boiling point - everything works perfectly together to ensure that the brakes react quickly and reliably. For every vehicle and every operation. From the old-timers to the racing cars, from mini cars to limousines with ABS and ESP: Among our product range you will find exactly the right brake fluid for every requirement. You can rest assured that all brake systems are working at their optimum. Top-quality additives in our brake fluids provide particularly efficient protection against corrosion and fluid aging. This makes the brakes more resistant and durable - and thus safer in the long term. With our HIGHTEC engine oils we want to guarantee a safe and smooth drive and it is equally important to us that you can stop safely and reliably with our brake fluids.
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