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ALL ROWE products

ROWE offers a full range of products with high vertical integration, manufactured in audited sustainable processes. Our product range includes engine oils, transmission and hydraulic oils, radiator and windshield antifreeze, and various car care products. ROWE also offers lubricants for two-wheelers, commercial vehicles, boats and even combined heat and power plants. Since 2015, we have also been producing multi-purpose and high-performance greases in our own grease plant.

Motor oils
Engine oils for private vehicles, HGVs and other types of vehicles
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Gear oils, hydraulic & steering fluids
Lubricants for automatic or manual gearboxes and other transmissions
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Motorcycle oils
Engine oils and additional lubricants for two-wheelers, quads, etc.
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Agricultural & construction machinery oils
Multifunctional lubricants for agricultural equipment construction machinery
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Racing products
Lubricants for harsh racing environments
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Classic oils
Lubricants for classic vehicles
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Motor boat oils
Engine oils, gearbox and transmission oils for 2-stroke and 4-stroke boats
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Coolant & winter products
Coolant and windscreen antifreeze, not just for Winter.
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Brake fluids
Brake fluids for private passenger cars, HGVs, two-wheelers and other types of vehicles
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Additives & AdBlue®
Practical products for all aspects of the vehicle
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Marine- & stationary heavy duty engines
Lubricants for large engines
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Multiple-purpose grease and special grease for various applications
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Industrial oils
Lubricants for industrial applications
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Metalworking fluids
Lubricants for machining and moulding applications
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You can locate all the ROWE-branded advertising material here, starting from T-shirts through to workshop signs and up to, and including, umbrellas or flags.
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Racks & Workshop equipment
Workshop equipment in the ROWE design: from oil production systems, tank facilities, drum racks and oil cabinets up to various accessory items.
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Hochspezialisierte Produkte zum Schutz vor Korrosion und Verschlammung in wassergeführten Wärme- und Kälteanlagen.
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