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Additives, care and accessories

All ROWE HIGHTEC additives and accessory products are the best solutions for all aspects of vehicle operation and maintenance. Besides our wide range of lubricants and operating fluids, our diverse portfolio offers a number of other practical solutions for every vehicle enthusiast. These additives are designed for example to meet the requirements of older vehicles. They help to put your used vehicles back into the best possible condition or simply to supply your workshop with the right tools for everyday use, such as, for example, a brake cleaner. Our engine oils, transmission fluids and fuel additives ensure perfect cleaning of the internal engine components in pre-owned vehicles with uncertain service history. They eliminate minor technical defects and ensure ideal vehicle operation. Then of course the right adhesive agent should be available in your collection. We can offer you the right product to help you collect leaked oils or liquids as quickly as possible, if necessary, so that you can avoid the associated costs. ROWE HIGHTEC additives and accessory equipment belong in every professional workshop - whether in your home garage or at your own business.
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