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Motor oils

For over 25 years we have been a passionate producer of HIGHTEC lubricants MADE IN GERMANY. Our HIGHTEC product range includes products for passenger cars, 2-wheeled vehicles, racing, trucks, commercial vehicles, mixed fleets and vintage cars. We place the focus on quality and performance in the selection of base oils and additives so that you can optimally protect your engine against wear and tear and so avoid costly repairs and overhauls. Our HIGHTEC products are developed and tested in our in-house laboratory which, thanks to years of experience, allows us to manufacture our lubricants to the highest standards. Component protection is the top priority for all new developments to ensure optimum performance. Only this way can we ensure that all the requirements placed on modern lubricants, such as the highest level of wear protection, optimal fuel economy properties, compatibility with the latest engine and exhaust emission treatment systems are optimally integrated and develop the perfect solutions. Many manufacturer approvals from well-known OEMs furthermore confirm the high quality of our engine oils.
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